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Helebore Harmony Watercolour


Hellebore Harmony  is an informative  3 ½ hour Video that includes 3 parts, crammed pack of all the information that will inspire you to start painting flowers. You will be able to paint along with Julie and  stop and start whenever you wish. This course will  cover in depth, drawing up your composition from multiple photo images provided, Colour pigment choices that are used, Full palette is in view to watch colour mixes with every stage of the painting.  Julie will go through all the materials and her selection of brushes used for different parts of the flowers and background. You will receive constant explanation of the methods and  techniques used to create this beautiful Artwork.

How to Paint Grasses, Shadows and Textures in Watercolour

Have you ever battled with how to tackle Grasses in the landscape, such as meadows, reeds, tropical, swamp and pampas, plus how to apply shadows and textures?

Julie will show you. this in-depth 'grass' course has three modules building an in-depth appreciation of this important landscape topic. Each Course C2, C3 and C4 has three in-depth videos building from individual studies to all inclusive paintings.

All four studies for Grasses, Shadows and Textures Lesson 1 (2)
one of the two landscapes in Module1

Course 2

Will have 4 Videos

Inland Grasses, Shadows and Textures in Watercolour

The lessons will explore the variations of grasses and the part that shadows and textures play as we paint. Each variation will start with individual studies and finally you will use these studies in larger paintings .

Course 2

Video 1: Wash in the lights

Video 2: Shadow Play on Long Grasses

Video 3: Close up Textures and Shadows

Video 4: Incorporating videos 2 & 3 into the two larger landscapes

Course 3

Delving Deeper with Grasses

Grasses Near Waterways

All four studies for Delving deeper into Grasses Shadows and Textures Lesson 2 (002)


Delving deeper into Grasses, Shadows and Textures  will help you consolidate things you have learned in Course 2. There is close to 6 ¾ hours to enjoy taking your skills to another level, remembering that you can stop and start whenever you wish. This will help you take your time in perfecting Grasses that grow around the edges of Waterways.  Julie will take you through the 4 initial small Studies /Samples, which will include Dividing up your paper, Drawing and composition, Colours chosen for the different grasses and the selection of brushes needed. You will then progress to the 2 larger Waterscape paintings that will incorporate grasses from your smaller studies. Julie will take you step by step and you will have full view of the palette and mixing, plus guidance with techniques and methods of application to gain more confidence. A lot of fun!

Lesson 2 Larger Painting 1, Grasses, Shadows and Textures
Julie Goldspink Grasses by Water

Course 4         Sea Grasses and Textures

Seagrasses and Textures
Lesson 4 Sample Paintings Seagrasses anad Textures (Pigface, Bunny Tails and Dune Grass, Tussock Grass, Spinifex Grass
Lesson 4 Seagrasses and Textures (Tussock Grasses) Grants Head, Bonny Hills NSW


Seagrasses and Textures, in this Video of 3 parts you will be tackling Seagrasses and Seascapes. Just over 7 hours of in-depth learning. You will be able to stop and start at your own leisure, so that you can enjoy the stages. You will be taken through the 4 small Studies of  the grasses chosen including the Drawing up, composition, colour choices and brushes needed. Julie will guide you through step by step, showing you different Techniques and Methods of application for each type of grass. You will have full view of the Palette and mixing all the time. On completion of the Studies, you will commence your 2 Seascapes which will include some of your sample grasses. Julie  will again take you through all the stages step by step till your Seascapes are finished. Courses 2,3 and 4 conclude the Study of Grasses Shadows and Textures, which will give you  greater knowledge and expertise in your application and confidence of painting grasses, from here in. Enjoy your painting!


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