Watercolour Courses with Julie Goldspink


Julie is a professional watercolour artist who makes time to share her knowledge for other artists. If you are unable to attend Julie's classes in person you will now have a solution. Her online courses will take you on an in-depth, easy to understand journey. They will explain and show you the steps to produce and create the most sought-after topics that students have been seeking over her decades of teaching.

You won't have to move from your studio to paint along with these lessons. They can be done when and where you have access to the internet. Play, replay, pause, fast forward  - You have flexibility to use this content as you need it.

You will have full private access to your chosen courses for twelve months. This will give you ample time to master these methods and techniques. Julie will be adding courses on a regular basis. This will give you more scope to complete further courses to continue your art journey and improve your techniques.

To celebrate this Watercolour Painting Launch Julie is offering a starting discounted price of AU $145  not $160

The courses that Julie is sharing are a result of many years of observation, study and painting the beauty of the nature around us.

The courses available each have a set focus.

C1 will explore the beauty grace and texture of the Hellebore in wet in wet watercolour. (you get over six hours+ of painting enjoyment as you paint along with Julie.

C2, C3 and C4 each explore a different family of grass environments.

 Each variation will start with individual studies and finally you will use these studies in larger paintings .

This is just the start of the wealth of possible subject matter that will help with your visual and painting enjoyment as your knowledge base expands if the beauty of our surroundings.

Julie in tne field at Bellbrook NSW

Hi I'm Julie

There is information on the watercolour courses at the Watercolour Courses menu.

This is my format in this Course on Grasses, Shadows and Textures which gives an summary of the lesson formats.

  • I will go through your set-up, composition, materials and suggested paint required for this set of lessons.
  • I will not only show you the colours I use but also the quantity and the building of the density in the colour mixes.
  • You will have 4 images to download.
  • There are many things to observe along the way.
  • We will paint four different Sample/Grass Studies
  • We will do close-up work with Texture and Shadows.
  • The second phase of the module moves to the larger landscapes.
  • I will work the first of the larger paintings with you, which will put into practice, what you have learned from your smaller studies.
  • Then we will complete a second larger landscapes.
  • These will incorporate all the methods and techniques you have learned in your previous studies.

I am sure you will start to see the improvement in your skills and will look forward to the next Module in the Course.

Please note There is no Zoom component nor critique session, as these private You Tube videos are fully self-explanatory. 

You will have full private access to this course for a year which will give you plenty of time to master these methods.

one of the two landscapes in Module1
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